Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great thinking, Blizz!

Just a quick burst of frustration:

I have missed some information and in that case it's not been stated clearly enough. I got stuck just 1 point short of lv71 on my WotLK trial yesterday. Only because no-one has stated that the trial is valid only for that level.

Granted, you can cruise around the Northrend for the 10 days, twiddle with your DK (which I won't do) and have fun with the factions, but you won't gain lv71.

Granted, it makes sense in the way that people who don't purchase the expansion will stay at the level cap of TBC, but I'm furstrated and agitated and feel cheated.

Enough.Sorry, thank you and goodbye.

PS. I'm going home via store to purchase that expansion. Onwards to victory!