Monday, July 6, 2009

Howling Fjord by Weekend

Quite a weekend that was: unbeliavably the Three Stooges were logged in daily, waiting for the recruiting officer of the new home for the fools to arrive online. Which happened conveniently on sunday afternoon, after Laiskajaakko had dinged 72, gotten Honored by The Explorer's League and Revered (!) in Valiance Expedition and visited Dragonblight for the first rescue mission.

But let's start from the beginning. On friday the Three Stooges went along and quested for their fullest in the Howling Fjord area, mainly dealing with Vrykul infestation in the area. This kind of grind is/would be boring done alone, so this was the best possible situation: holy trinity doing their best to best the world.

On Saturday I spent most of my time levelling alone. Finally I found the quests people have been talking about, you know, the ones which are different from the typical kill ten foozles grind. To walk around the dark iron dwarves in a body suit was hilarious, as well as the harpoon surfing: really eye candy for the people. But really won the day was the quest in which you guide the hawk and collect the eggs. Granted, it's the typical collect ten dingles, but the twist was something for me who hasn't enjoyed the flight for too long. And of course, the flight mission of Steel Gate Patrol was a joy I did on Sunday, too. Not exactly the best dog fight simulation, but surely worth the daily!

For the evening I spent the time helping the Two Fools to do the same quests, effectively enjoying their gaps and enjoyment. And failures. Though they didn't make it to the Explorers league, yet, even though Bishopgeorge dinged his 71.

On Sunday I spent most of the time trying to return completed quests with Pupunen, whom I desperately want entering the Outlands, soon. I've given up with her on the finesses of levelling, and I'm pushing her up to get her tailoring and enchanting up from the 300 cap they are in. So I mostly flew across the Old World, making about 1.5 levels when the brothers logged in.

And surprisingly, our recruiting officer.

We grouped up, heard some 'truths' about the code of conduct (we're adult, so this should have been cut even shorter... :P) and off we went: from The Order of the Fist to the new guild in two button clicks.

Kind of sad, but exhilariating at the same time.

As we were already at our own questlines, we continued to quests for some hours: I finished the wolf questline, dinged 72 and did the Steel Gate Patrol once again. Way too much fun.

Then I logged in again later to finish the first slaughter mission into the Gjalerbron: the first set of quests which make me feel that the questing is just grinding in different guises. The flight quests and the bombing quests are a breath of fresh air only to be squashed with these slaughter orgies: "kill 18 these, 10 those and yet another 8 of another kind for the good of the people". You are the army around here, kill them yourself... oh, wait, I think I'll do that for the experience, reputation and that nice shiny which I can sell for money...

Which reminds me of the thing that has started to bug me royally: the quest chain rewards. They are the same stuff, time and again, but just with different bonuses. It gets very, very boring after the third breastplate with 1262 armor and different bonuses. Just to pick up the 'right ones' to suit your current spec seems to be the new minigame, and I'm afraid this will not stop in the further areas.

I hope I'm not right. Though it seems I have to switch from the sword to the Valiance Expedition rep mace... I just hate it. There has been just two adequate upgrades to my Honor Hold rep sword for the whole time in Northrend, and now I'm offered a huge improvement as a mace.

How degrading is that, really?