Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramp up the beat (YAWP)

Somehow the weekend was cut short to sessions of WoW and sleep. Don't ask me how and why, but in addition to those, there was only some lunch and breakfast.

Not too bad though: I spent the time in game trying to ramp up my dps in my Arms spec (more about that tomorrow). The reason to this was a lengthy discussion with a guild officer about my performance and my own view that I lack most in the DPS side. So it was off to the drawing board on that for me.

First of all it was all gearing and gemming. Simple as anything, especially as I had few Emblem of Triumphs to spend. So the gear was about there where I could start doing some dps. On gemming I went all strength, more about that too tomorrow.

First try was very, very disappointing. My dps was sub-par by far, reaching only 1.8k on lv80 dummy. After getting the priority rotation around the way it's supposed to be I got the dps up to 2.1k. Nice improvement just by getting the priorities right. And all this unbuffed: warrior dps is crap unbuffed anyhow, so I'm almost pleased by the level I got myself to.

I also tested the protection dps, but that is just stupid and ... dumb to test on a dummy. You need to be attacked to get the Revenge to proc, which is quite considerable damage dealer in the priorities (the best, to be honest...). So those numbers will be left out of the public. Sufficient to say that I got some other skills to the picture and I was pretty happy about that.

And then I got to ICC25 with the guild. First of all I got the quest from the lobby, to collect blood and stuff for Morgraine. Then we went in: the bloody lag hits me like a truck every time, and its funny how bad Marrowgar really is. It has to be all that mist, frost and all which does the encounter next to impossible for my computer to handle, despite the fact that the spammy addons have been cut off.

Long story short, I'm pretty pleased with my dps now, even though there is a lot to improve. That improvement will come shortly as the quest reward is Shadow's Edge which is arguably the best Arms DPS weapon before Shadowmourne. What really made my day was that I got an upgrade to my lousy neck, as I got the Bile Encrusted Medallion to myself.

Now I have to earn enough gold to purchase all those 25 Primordial Saronites for the quest. That Light's Vengeance part was too meh after Wrathgate and the level the quest expects you to be, really. It could have been an epic fight for the individual, but it wasn't. Who would teach the game/quest designers the few valuable things every pen and paper RPG gamemaster learns about pushing the players to the limit and making sure they won't fail despite the odds? This part would have needed such an encounter, really.

Anyhow a very nice weekend, despite the lack of activities. Total game time over the weekend... 4.5 hours?