Monday, September 20, 2010

One beast of a weapon (YAWP)

It seems that getting 25 Primordial Saronites was more strain to the wallet than to the playing. I mean, I bought the stuff from AH, spent some nice gold for that to gain my new dps weapon.

And now I have Shadow's Edge. It's perhaps the best Arms DPS weapon available before completing the quest for Shadowmourne, a quest line which continues from getting Shadow's Edge itself.

Am I happy? Yes.

That was actually all I did ingame this weekend, par few AH deals and two battlegrounds with my spriest. Won in Eye for the first time and of course lost in Warsong Gulch, which seems to be quite horde heavy fight anyhow. Well, to be honest, any daily bg is horde heavy and horde dominated in the battlegroup I'm in, so that's no news.

Hopefully I get time to dig into the gearing this week. Don't hold your breath, though. The background downloader is screaming red all the time, which makes playing -or surfing- a pain.

Play nice!