Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Collateral excitement

I was thinking of the most exciting experiences in my EVE experiment the other day, and to my surprise the one incident which really stuck to my mind was such that I wasn't even there.

As you may know, EVE has a very good voice chat system in the game. Thus the corporation I'm in uses it almost solely to communicate within the game, with just few lines in the chat box really. So there were some 30-40 of us online that evening (for me, morning for some) as one of our system scanners found a wormhole in our home system. The recon team was there within few minutes, as well as our resident miner, and they were communicating the whole thing over the voice.

Recon in, checking the system, scanner in, scanning for anomalies. Some muscles in to take the rats out and finally the miner with the required hauler. Mind you, this wasn't a small wormhole, as the amount of ships can tell!

To their surprise, there was another wormhole in the system!

As the recon and scanner were working on the new wormhole, one of the muscle team had to come back to get some ammo. He warped through the wormhole and...

"Oh my god! The wormhole isn't there anymore!"
"Don't say it collapsed on us!"
"Just checked, we have about 273 jumps to home from here, all through nullspace."
Some groaning and cries of disbelief.

"Sorry guys. Sorry, the wormhole is intact. I was looking to the wrong direction."

The whole voice chat exploded with laughter. Really, it was like 5 minutes of cackling, myself laughing with tears in my eyes.

The rest of the wormhole incident went pretty well, one ship was lost due to a sentry gun the muscle squad 'accidentally left there'. And the other wormhole lead to a system in which there was already another team: peacefully our people withdrew from there.

Now I can't remember similar incident from WoW. The thing is that the whole group was in the same fleet, which equals raid in WoW. Raids, however, are very much directed to one aim only and are thus confined within their own chat, be it /raid or Vent/TS channel of their own. You never get to hear the panic, joy or other emotions unless you are there. The chat box is even worse, as it cannot convey any emotions, or at least not as strongly as voice.

Can you remember any collateral excitement or incident in which you weren't yourself in, but experienced the same thrill as those who really experienced it? And in which game was it?