Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bored before launch

I wonder what would have been the result if Blizzard would have dropped Cataclysm in without giving out all the information first?

I mean, we are swamped with information about the Cataclysm expansion to WoW. The character class changes, skill changes, races, mechanics... What remains is to go and see how they work in real.

I'm sick and tired of this already. 

I would much rather take an expansion with proper foreshadowing and the changes as -slight or major- surprises as such. Change the world progressively and subtly rather than expose the major change through 'information leaks' and 'discussions'.

The mechanics have been chewed to perfection before the expansion lands, and the people who are bound to consume the content faster others anyhow are doing it faster than ever and will be burned out even faster than they were with earlier expansions. The only thing we cannot be sure of is the actual content and quality of the quests, instances and raids.

The way I see it... Blizzard gave out the facts and figures which could have kept the 'community' buzzing for a long time with the expansion way before the expansion comes live. To make sure that everyone reading the information would surely use it and burn out as fast as possible.

I wonder...