Thursday, October 22, 2009

Watch and tell

Okies, now I've done it. I've enlisted into the first raid in the guild, that being the normal Onyxia 10. All I can hope is that there will be enough people attending and making me feel uneasy and inadequate.

The only thing I want to achieve before that is just one daily heroic. That would earn me that one Emblem of Triumph I'm currently lacking from my Clutch of Fortification, the Holy Grail in my current set. Then I'm ready to begin the hunt for a new shiny headpiece, thrown weapon, shoulders and helmet. Goodie.

The game, however, is currently such a lag fest, that I do not have any interest in doing anything in it. Last night I spent over an hour emptying my mailbox (3 full mailboxes, 147 post items), when it normally takes five minutes. Add to that any need for crafting (sssslllloooowwww) and the day is done. No thank you.

It all came from the beginning of the Halloween event and it doesn't seem to get any better as the event goes on. I for one haven't done any of the Halloween quests and even though I couldn't participate in the Headless Horseman runs last year, I don't have any interest in plunging in. For some reason or another, I share Gordon's view in the seasonal events: they come too often and are too similar grind fests. I would much rather see something along the lines of the pre-WotLK zombie invasion, which came more or less without a proper warning and caused some real activity in the world. Well, maybe not as devastating incident, but still, something more surprising and different than the same old as last year. Besides, the events seem to be massing to the end of the year anyhow, so could we have some breathing space, please?

But this is just my opinion. If this keeps the games we play, MMO's, alive, then, by all means keep them coming. I can go and live under a rock for their duration and hopefully will be able to play outside the events without the infuriating lag they seem to create.

I will be reporting my ventures in the end game content as soon as that happens.