Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do not underestimate the power of the...


I've been saved from the mental deprivation for gearing and understanding my tanking needs by the power of Twitter. Thanks to Kadomi and Rilgon, I've gained a new insight to the gearing problem. Main point is Kadomi's excellent list for new lv80 tanks in their starting gear, which I have posted about earlier, and my shameless pug in Twitter of another great post of Bob Turkey who is better known for his deep theorycrafting of priestly needs. In that post he links to WoW Gear Wishlist, a site which generates you gear wishlist from the information it can find from WoW Armory, WoWHead and other ranking sites.

This Tweet caused both Kadomi and Rilgon to activate and proves that Twitter has power beyond my imagining.

The lesson today was that you shouldn't be alone, by yourself with your gearing problems, but open up in a polite way and ask the general public what to do. There are so many WoW players out there that there have to be helpful souls among the lot.

Like Kadomi, Rilgon and Veneretio (with his excellent guide on the Emblem of Triumph usage of tanks).

Oh my.

As my blog gets quite a lot hits for tank minimum stats, let's cap them here, too.

For Heroics: Def 535, hp 21k, armor 21k.
For Raid: Def 540, hp and armor as high as you can dream of (ok, hp min 25k, armor 25k, too).

Unbuffed values naturally.

So when you are down in the dumps, looking for guidance or light to follow...

Do not underestimate the power of social networking, Twitter and Interwebz.