Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love is in the...

Hell yes. It's that time again, when all the adventurous souls in Azeroth are running around, handing 'Love Tokens' to complete strangers and expecting to receive gifts for that. Stupid, but so darn addicting.

Because of this I was sure I would be able to enter instances easier: faulty thinking. Instead, at least on the server I'm in, most of the lower level instances were either 'unable to launch' or the new one 'instance couldn't be found'. I heard that it included also the Outlands instances on Saturday, so there must have been some real rumble and running in Northrend.

It sucks. Really. I had again some discussion about this with Dreathon (who has since joined a raiding guild, high on Naxx), who pointed out that it would be best if Blizzard would keep the lowbie instances open and operational. My view is that they are directing the 'open' status to the top level instances because of the fact that Thunderhorn-EU is one of the first generation servers and very, VERY top heavy levelwise. 

As it happens, another good friend of mine who wants to stay anonymous for the time being, stated that Blizzard might as well close down the less used instances to make the instance server strain easier on their system. That was being said after the 10k "Instance couldn't be initialised" note we had gotten from BFD, so it may be a bit biased.

So that's the kind of love Blizzard had for us. Yes, it is in the air. And it's not encouraging the levelling players to do instances.

At least on peak hours, when they are playing, too.

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