Monday, February 2, 2009

Guildhoppers, DIE!

There is something very wrong in the way that guilds and their benefits are viewed in WoW. In fact, it's almost sick already: as the game is getting more and more solo friendly, people -read: players- are looking only for their own short term benefits from every contact they make. Which in turn makes the much discussed community a very fragile at best.

We had our first guildbank rapist visiting us during the weekend. He joined, even signed to the forum which I find pretty remarkable, and took all he could from the guildbank. And left. As I noticed the 'theft' in 5 minutes, I found out he had joined another guild already. Well, contacted their officer, but as I checked, he's still in the guild. Zenazok, Dwarf Paladin, your name is to be known by all I contact in Thunderhorn EU. 

His gain was not that big, because I had kind of anticipated this kind of conduct on the Ally side. Sorry to say, but I haven't seen this many idiots in the Horde side during all the time I have been playing in there, compared to the few months in Ally. The main reason may be the fact that there are so many more players on Ally that there is more room for idiocy, but I doubt it. This miscreant was way too clever to be just the average 12-16 year old teen, and he clearly knew exactly what he was doing.

There has been some discussion in the Blogosphere already about how to make the guildspace and community to last longer. The ideas have ranged from the obvious Guildhousing (alongside with Player Housing) to toons getting special Guild loyalty bonuses or even loyalty gear/fluff. I vote for AYE to all the ideas and even the first implementation that would give the guilds the possibility to really REWARD the long term members.

Now as the situation has gone into such that the guilds are extremely easy to set up and there are new guilds popping up like there was no tomorrow, the value of guilds as whole has gone down considerably. At least in the levelling stage the benefits are negligible, and in raiding stage the support of the guild is mainly to artificially set up a team to tackle the end game bosses. I say artificially, because the same group could work without committing to a single guild. There is no real benefit in belonging to a guild, really. Except for fun and laughter. 

I have always hated the guildhoppers. And I always will. After all this even more so.



Hudson said...

This issue is easily avoided by setting ranks. We have a recruit rank which can make one stack withdrawal out of the guild bank per day and 1 gold. That is it.

After a 2 week trial period a recruit is bumped to member.

Alts are also restricted with their own week and not allowed to join the guild until a player is a member, not a recruit.

You have to be vigilant and aware of people at all times in WoW or things like this will happen.

Copra said...

Yes, exactly the way we have it, though I've tried to encourage people to sub to the forums by granting them membership after doing so. The initiate in my guild can only use the gb money for repairs, nothing more. Member, however, had 5g and 5 thing withdrawal limit: thankfully the Member area is full of lower level gear and trade mats, so no real damage was done. Only to our lowbie enchanters got hit in a sense...

I'm revising the whole system and will introduce yet another membership rank...

But I still hate guildhoppers, guildbank rapists, retardins/huntards/deathardins and think that the Guild system ingame sucks.

Ysharros said...

What Hud said. On the bright side, most guild-thieves don't have the patience to wait for the initiate period to wear off, though the really dedicated guild thief will and there isn't much you can do about that.

Guild hopping and "what have YOU done for ME lately?" is endemic in all games now, especially among a certain age group (get off my lawn! :D), it's just vastly more noticeable in WoW because of the gigantic population. It's not because WoW has all the asshats. Really. /jedi mind trick self

Crucifer said...

Guilds mostly have degenerated from focal points of the community with strong reputation links to other focal points to, well, just a chat channel.

Gone are the days when people were invited into your guild by fellow guildies and those guildies took responsibility for their invitees.

All guilds should really set up an application form on their forum and point their new invitees to it; start new guildies off early by getting them to the site. Fast-track applicants who know current members of the guild will keep that sort of thievery in check.

Communication between guilds really needs to be looked at.