Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fast recruiting

Witnessed the fastest recruit in the game. It went like this (in short):

- I sent a recruiting ad to Darnassus General Channel and Trade.
- Received a whisper: "Can I join?"
- Responded: "Sure" and sent invitation
- The guy was guilded, so I told him about that
- "Invite me now" came the reply, so I did
- Welcomed the guy
- "Make me member" was his response, as everyone is entered as Initiate
- Told him our policy: join the forum, get promoted.
- He left

Total time in Guild: less than a minute.

Honestly, what a jerk. But a funny anecdote of guild hoppers and why I hate them.

Oh, what must have turned him off is the fact that Initiates don't have access to Guild Bank items or repairs. Must have bugged him out to see all the gear and stuff in there...

Too bad. Our gain.


Bildo said...


Well, with 11.5 million players, you're bound to come upon a few turds here and there, Copra.

Copra said...

Quite true, but I just got a forum message from a trusted member who had similar experience with another recruit. This feller however asked to be promoted to guildbank master right away...

A very good reason to restrict the newcomer's access to the GB, right?