Friday, October 24, 2008

Next big one to look foreward to

I told earlier that my brother (the rogue) got married some weeks ago. The ceremony and the celebrations were as great and pompous as should be, needless to say that the bride was handsome and the groom beautif... the other way around, naturally.

I met an interesting person over there, who is deep in the tabletop miniature gaming. And I learned an interesting piece of information from him. I haven't checked the RPG news for this, but apparently there is coming a Warhammer 40k RPG sometime soon. I'm sucker for WH40k, the original small group skirmishes in the original rules, so I started drooling right away.

While driving to work today two things just clicked. Will we see WH40k MMO someday? Now that Mythic has excelled an excellent PvP game in WAR, what is holding them from creating similar from the 'other IP' of WH40k?

Imagine: you start as a Marine in training. Or an Space Orc. Like in the original set, where there were no Genestealers, Necroids or anything. Just the Marines and Space Orcs. And other greenies, naturally. Ok, not the Squigherder, but almost all others.

The specialisation would be the arms to which the character would specialise: Power Glove, Power Sword, Heavy Flamer, you name it. Bolter would be for all. And the similar on the Greenies side.

Unleash the havoc and see! We have WAR in Space!

The thought went on. The Marines could be confined to troopships, to travel to distant planets to combat. Add Chaos Marines on one planet (new expansion!). Add Tyranids. Add Eldar.

And you have a soup. With spoon. And baquette.

The RvR would be of domination of a planet. The planets could be servers, from which you could travel to another (provided your faction has a landing zone cleared).

I'm having wet dreams already. *drool*


Openedge1 said...

I seem to be having an issue with straight Sci-Fi lately..yet, a Fantasy/Sci-Fi mix of game would work for me
(Always loved the Final Fantasy series for example)
I also like the WH40k universe.
But, I do NOT like WAR and Mythics implementation of an MMO.
So as long as someone else controls this, I would be ok (oh...and not Turbine
But, I will point this out
THQ working on 40k MMO
This could be considerably better than WAR.
Will wait and see...

Copra said...

Eww... even better.

Open, I really hate you for this. Now I will be losing my sleep in waiting, drooling and... well, let's say that the sheets have to be changed more often...

I want a bolter and chainsaw and ...

Sara Pickell said...

I've known about this since the first announcement. THQ and Vigil have a history of pursuing the franchise a certain way, the bloody gory, squad based way. My hope is they will favor that above making WAR in space.

Copra said...

Obviously I'm not following the overall game news closely enough. Heck, I'm not following them at all!
I love to be surprised. What next!?