Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Major confession

by Copra

I've found out a peculiar thing in myself. I love dailies. I can't wait to get home, login to the game and do the daily.

Sadly I'm not referring to WoW, but my new sidetracking love in FPS PvP, CrossFire.

The major points of interest are:

  1. My son plays CrossFire, too.
  2. He plays a lot better than I do.
  3. I learn everytime I login and play.
  4. The rewards are mainly tangible and really help me later on.
  5. Did I mention that I learn to play better every time?
  6. Even though the maps are always the same, the daily challenges are different.
  7. Even though I'm just a newbie and beginner, I can participate in a game of pro's.
  8. In a game full of pro's, I have a chance to survive and even pull kills.
Yup. If the PvP or dailies would have a part of that in WoW, I would be hooked. But no, the dailies and PvP are governed with different set of rules which for me cause frustration and boredom.

Besides, CrossFire loads a lot faster than WoW and there is always a game starting. The only toon who gets right into the action in WoW is my warrior tank, but the daily heroics are what they are.

Too bad I don't have 3 hours a day for WoW to raid. I have 30 minutes to run a couple of CrossFire matches.

Good enough. And getting better.