Friday, March 19, 2010

Brotherly love: Loken

Aye, finally I got around to login WoW with my warrior so long neglected. As I had been playing an odd hour of Allods here and another there, it took me a few fights to memorize the controls and how they differ from the setup I have for the other game.

It was three against the Halls of Lightning, and boy it was fun. Again.

Two level capped and one below the instance's "recommended" level. As DPS was only lv 77 while the bosses are already in normal at lv 81, I as a tank and Bishop as a healer had to do our share of the job. Which was refreshing in a way, because this way you really learn to use all the tricks and talents you really need. The only way to do this harder would have been to run it either as a duo - which would have been senseless - or do it solo - which should be doable, but still senseless.

We had some misses, losses and hits, but all in all the run was good clean fun. Not much of a gearing run for Förgelös, now at his lv77 prime, but still a valuable lesson in threat management, positioning and all.

More to follow, as soon as we get along again.