Thursday, May 14, 2009

Coherently incoherent

I've had several brilliant ideas for blogposts for some days now, but I haven't taken to write them down. Now as I have some spare time, I don't have the slightest idea -or will- to write about those things.

Let's start with news, like Dechion with his Blogday (congrats again!) I have something to celebrate: This blog has just passed 3000 unique views, which I think calls for a note. There, it's done.

Sadly the most viewed posts have been either the ones I've really criticised WoW (several, won't link to them) or the meme I posted this week (which is a brilliant one, just the post before this one). Not the real posts I have made and tried to incite discussion with.

But that's how it goes: the ones you think are brilliant go neglected and the ones you rant as utter crap are considered worth commenting.

I have followed Oakstout's recent posts with great interest, because he has delved in the same (cess)pools as I with the utter disbelief in the way Blizzard has been treating WoW lately... well, ever since The Burning Crusade came out and the levelling was speeded up. The most recent pos t was a kind of an eye opener again, even though I have seen and understood the situation quite well myself. But the example Oakstout gives about his friend really shows what has happened to the game which initially was revered for the questing: the quests are just stepping stones which don't give the player anything about the world anymore. I must apologise, but I read another blog (which I have forgotten) saying that WoW turned this blogger off because of the vast lore and history which was self-evident to the people who had played the RTS' but not to anyone else. And the quests at current rate do not help in this sense, as they really are not revealing anything of the lore in any coherent way.

Now that the level capped people are given the chance to earn the hereditary items for their levelling toons, gear that severely outperforms the gear achievable from the lower levels, the speeded up levelling for these players comes even faster and easier. The less the quests are needed, not only because the players have already grinded through Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep and others with their intriquing and intertwining questlines.

The speed levelling is for them to get into the level cap with yet another toon just to begin the next one while raiding with the toons at the cap, hitting their heads on the raid instance walls time and again.

This in combination to the fact that Blizzard has announced yet again and with more direct way that their next MMO is based on their unique IP means that WoW will be dying: the core has died already, the living lore and questlines have been sacrificed to the arcade style raiding and instance boss grinds.

Could Blizz be a man about it and cut the good old Azeroth off and let the raiding commence for all?